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Welcome to the Falcon Content Management Service


For content editors and site managers, there is an issue with some versions of IE 11 and the way it interacts with the editor, so various functions don't work. There is also an issue with the latest version of Chrome (21 May). Other editors and other versions of IE11 work perfectly.


This is the help site for the Falcon content management service, where we hope we have captured many of the answers you might need. The navigation bar shows a framework for help available for you - here are some direct links into pages about the topics that you will need to find out about:

The new templates were complete and we migrated all current Falcon sites into them by the end  September 2013.

We are in a regular updating cycle for the Falcon system - please let us know if information you find seems to be out of step with what you see on your site. If you need further help you can email us at 

Recent content 1.5.15

I have drawn together information about what's happened in the latest update. On 1 May we are about half way through updating sites and only encountering problems when there have been significant customizations on the site. Falcon update details

Recent content 29.8.14